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On May 5, 2023, the new LSAW pipe production line of HEBEI HUAYANG STEEL PIPE set a single-shift "double hundred" record. "105 finished products were produced, and the non-destructive testing pass rate was 100%. The total investment of this production line is 430 million RMB. It adopts core CNC equipment imported from Belgium, and is equipped with high-precision welding robots, advanced quality control systems and flaw detection equipment at home and abroad. The annual production capacity can reach 200,000 tons.

 On May, The new 325 production line workshop of Huayang won the title of "Hebei Province Worker Pioneer". Huayang currently has 10 high-frequency automatic production lines. After continuous upgrading and transformation, it can meet the domestic and foreign fluid and oil and gas transportation industries. The annual output can reach 2 million tons.

From May 15th to 19th, 2023,Huayang applied for the three audits of CPR renewal, PED new certificate, and BC1 new certificate simultaneously. The review of the three certificates was time-consuming and difficult. Through the joint efforts of everyone, all three certificate applications were passed. This will indicate that Huayang products will enter new market venues and territories。

6.14-6.16日在上海举行的中国国际管材展览会 (Tube China),现已进入倒计时阶段,作为中国北方最大的焊管厂家之一,华洋钢管将不负众望,携高质量的新品和专业的技术、销售团队亮相上海展会,目前我司已进入紧张的后期筹备阶段,期待与您相约于 W4-E08!
The China International Tube Exhibition (Tube China) held in Shanghai from 6.14 to 6.16 has now entered the countdown stage. As one of the largest welded pipe manufacturers in northern China, Huayang Steel Pipe will live up to expectations, bringing high-quality new products and professional technology, The sales team appeared at the Shanghai exhibition. At present, our company has entered the intense post-preparation stage. We look forward to meeting you at Booth No.W4-E08.
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